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Resident Care

“Because it’s the people that live in buildings that matter most”

At AD our dedicated team of resident and tenant liaison officers (RLO and TLO’s) are GOBER trained to ensure the highest quality customer care and communication standards are achieved.

Gober Trained Logo

Gober trained customer facing staff.

We understand that the people who occupy the buildings and homes in which we undertake works are as important as the quality of finish of the works we undertake.

To achieve first class customer service we employ the following ethos of:

Effective Communication

AD is responsive to our clients and residents needs and operates to a code of conduct. The results of our customer satisfaction survey KPI’s demonstrate our continuous improvement - with most projects scoring around the 97% satisfaction rate.

AD is committed to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We believe in investing in the communities in which we work and aim to “give back” to the local community. AD believes in improving people’s lives by rejuvenating their homes and places of work and leisure.

Please see the expertise section for further information about our sustainable practices by clicking here