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Market Expertise and Experience

Innovative – Responsive – Consistent – Competent – Progressive

AD is a company whose foundations firmly lie in the strength of its reputation. As a family owned business with experience dating back over 65 years, AD’s reputation has been built on its strong commitment to customer service, resident satisfaction and the highest quality service – as many as 95% of our clients are and become repeat business.

Competent Professionals...

AD provide a professional, experienced and bespoke service for our clients; a service which is responsive to our client’s needs and requirements in an ever evolving marketplace.

Whatever those needs may be, no matter in which sector, or category of building our clients reside – AD strive to assist our clients to achieve their aims using our in depth knowledge and experience of the building industry.

Consistent Delivery...

At AD we understand the importance of consistency and knowledge; the relationships built during the duration of a contract contribute to improvements and efficiencies for both parties, these are priceless benefits to contract operation.

AD appoints a dedicated Contract Manager, Supervisor and Foreperson for the entire duration of the contract, ensuring the highest standards; consistency, commitment and added value. Each team is made up of competent, experienced professionals, who are well versed in the management and delivery of complex refurbishment and redecorations contracts.

With sector specific experts you can be assured that whatever the sector, AD will have a Contract Manager and team with the skills to deliver, on time on budget, exceeding your expectations.

AD work almost exclusively for the Public Sector, with public sector works presently making up around 90% of our annual turnover. Our works in the private sector are steadily growing and adding to our existing client base, with the addition of financial industry contracts and commercial buildings increasing our portfolio of work to ensure AD is a company that has guaranteed longevity.

AD has unrivalled experience with assisting local authorities, housing associations, educational establishments, healthcare providers and central and local government to deliver their wide scope of building needs and requirements.

Our understanding of the driving factors and operation of these organisations places AD in the forefront of the partnering ethos. Delivering improvements and innovation by applying our expert knowledge and skills to meet and exceed the demands of every client, we offer value for money and added benefits at every opportunity.

To deliver on our promise we have an established set of values and customer care commitments, which are central to the AD brand philosophy.

AD are Committed to...

Improving the future via sustainable working practices
Improving people’s lives by rejuvenating their homes and places of work and leisure
Improving client and resident satisfaction, through quality of service and finish
Improving local communities for the benefit of all