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Low Carbon Refurbishment

Low Carbon Refurbishment

The UK’s existing buildings are reportedly responsible for 45% of the UK’s carbon emissions, with 27% of that attributed to existing housing stock.

The AD Construction Group has been working with Social Landlords to help resolve the issue and offer innovative Retrospective Refurbishment options, which could prove beneficial to us all. Finding ways to reduce carbon emissions from buildings is critical if we are to meet the challenge of climate change and moving to a low carbon economy.

Low carbon refurbishment makes good business and environmental sense – use of energy efficiency and sustainable materials in the refurbishment process will lead to cost savings and environmental benefits for many years thereafter.

AD Eco & Environmental Services Ltd (ADEES) was set up in 2006 to capitalise on the extensive M&E skills that existed within AD and begin a new company which not only provides AD with all of its needs for M&E works within existing Decent Homes and Void Works projects, but also to expand our knowledge on Renewable Energy.

After some key recruitment and additional training programmes ADEES now posses a highly skilled labour force undertaking a large number of Energy Efficient focused services.

These services include –

Solar Water Heating Systems, Alternative & Renewable Energy Solutions, Gas Central Heating Systems (Including Heat/Power Combined), Retrospective Insulation Energy Efficiency Solutions, under floor Heating systems and Energy Assessment Inspections.

This extra “string to our bow” has enabled us to begin providing additional services which compliment the group goals and our client’s requirements enormously. We predict a greater shift towards clients updating Housing Stock to be more energy efficient and on that basis we hope to “Add Value” by offering our clients advice, expertise and installation services in this field.

AD is a member of Eco Decorators - allowing us access to information on the latest paint technologies and sustainable and environmental practices.

AD work with Repaint London – an initiative which ensures all of our left over paint is recycled via community projects in and around London and Builders Scrap which sees other build “waste” items collected and re-used or recycled where possible, instead of contributing to land fill.

Low Carbon Refurbishment Case Studies

Please see our case studies for further information about Sustainable Building and Retrospective Refurbishment.

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