Customer and Resident Experience

Customer Support Representatives - CSRs form a vital and integral part of our service offering, although our core business is delivering works to property – all property and more obviously homes - serve a purpose for “People” the people who live, work, use, or operate within the buildings themselves; and as such resident care is always the first consideration for all works.



Customer Support Representatives

Our CSR team work with and for all customers and residents and use our Household Profile Tool to ensure all household members are fully prepared and informed before work starts. 

Our CSRs will build flexible appointment schedules in order to minimise disruption for residents and will provide additional support services if requested for residents who would like assistance, are vulnerable, or those with a disability to ensure specific needs and considerations are met throughout the duration of any works being undertaken to their homes.

AD is responsive to our clients and residents needs and operates to a code of conduct.

To achieve first class customer service, we employ the

following ethos of:

  • Effective Communication
  • Consultation
  • Involvement
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Information
  • Inclusivity
  • Trust 




Our teams are all CSCS card holders and are enhanced DBS checked for resident safety and peace of mind. 

As a responsible service provider dedicated to supporting clients and residents, we ensure we support and help our clients to protect not only vulnerable residents, but all residents. Accordingly, we have a safeguarding policy, which outlines our commitments to ensure this. 

We work in partnership with all of our clients to ensure we protect residents and implement safeguarding policies and procedures effectively; whether it’s our client’s policy, or our own, which is contractually utilised.

All staff wear AD uniform and carry AD branded identification cards. 

Please ask for this when anyone claiming to be AD staff, or operatives visit for your appointment.


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