Reducing Suicides across Kent and Medway

AD are supporting Kent's Release the Pressure Campaign as a local partner.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and provide help and support for people in need.


The campaign has produced a number of resources, below is some further information...


Release the Pressure


Every suicide is a tragedy for the family, friends and community of the person who died.


Sadly 141 people took their own lives in 2017 in Kent and Medway. This means that Kent and Medway has a higher suicide rate than the national average.

Middle aged men are most at risk of suicide, but it is something that can affect both genders and all ages.


Most people who take their own lives are not known by secondary mental health services, and many do not think that they are mentally ill. Research has shown that life pressures such as relationship breakdown, money worries, stress and grief are factors which can lead people to crisis point.


Thankfully research has also shown that seeking help and talking about these problems can help many people feel better.


This is why in Kent and Medway, local authorities and NHS partners have come together to provide several resources which can help people find the support that they need before they get to crisis point. Amongst the resources are;


The Release the Pressure campaign with free 24/7 support line and webchat -


The Stay Alive app which is packed full of useful information and tools to help individuals stay safe in crisis.


Free to access suicide prevention training (3 hour face to face or 45 minute online). Please email for more details about how to access this free training.


If you are feeling suicidal:


Make an urgent appointment to see your GP


Get support 24/7 from Release the pressure by webchat or calling 0800 107 0160


Speak to a friend, family member or someone you trust


Call the Samaritans 24-hour support service on 116 123


If you are worried about someone else:


Ask them whether they are thinking about suicide. Try to stay calm even if they say they are. Listen. Ask open questions. Create a mini safety plan including reducing access to the means of suicide (if possible) and encouraging them to get help.


Get support 24/7 from Release the pressure by webchat or calling 0800 107 0160


If you believe their life is in imminent danger call 999.


suicide helpline poster