Employee of Year 2019

Congratulations to Katie Bray.

Dear all,


With another year gone, comes the hotly anticipated announcement of who will be crowned AD Employee of the Year!


This year has seen a record number of nominations. Congratulations to all our nominees.

  • Ben Cumberland
  • Katie Bray
  • John Fulham
  • Zak Bishop
  • James Ellis
  • Bruce Ford
  • Maurice Everson
  • Michael Wood
  • George Bateman 
  • Abu Sahid
  • Ian McHale
  • Emma Wallace


Well done to each of you for being nominated, as many of you will know from previous years, when deciding who wins the accolade of Employee of the year we see people who have worked really hard, have supported others in the business, have provided exceptional service to our clients or gone above and beyond what would be expected in their role.


What has been particularly impressive this year is the number of staff that have been nominated by colleagues in other departments. It’s always great when someone in the same team nominates a colleague, but it is an even bigger achievement to receive a nomination from people in other departments who single someone out because of the help that they have consistently provided right across the business. This year there are many people who have done just that!


I am delighted to announce that this year's “AD Employee of the Year” is Katie Bray!


Well done Katie, you really deserve the award, you had multiple nominations from across a number of departments, all who mentioned that you have worked really hard in 2019 and your willingness to help out others no matter what. Congratulations! And thanks for all your hard work.


Happy New Year!


Steve Doyle