AD Achieves Gold CSR Accreditation

Good Social Responsibility policies drive corporate change for the better. CSR-A run the only CSR Accreditation scheme in the UK and now operate globally. Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of excellence in Social Responsibility.

AD is proud to be gold accredited for CSR (Corporate, Social Responsibility.)


The CSR Accreditation is an effective way to benchmark what you are already doing with regard to social responsibility. It is a process in which you collate, measure and report on your organisation’s socially responsible activities. An accreditation will also provide you with a roadmap for planning future activity.


This is a fully holistic and inclusive approach that allows for all organisations – private, public and third sector and is for all sizes from sole traders to large corporations. It employs a white paper approach that promotes an organisation’s individuality.


The accreditation process involved a thorough auditing exercise of our polices, practices, implementation, reporting and evidence, as well as future planning. The panel after evaluation of our submission and supporting evidence awarded AD with a Gold Accreditation, which is warmly received and much appreciated.


Sustainability is vitally important and AD intend to continue to thrive as a business in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner.


Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of excellence in Social Responsibility. The accreditation helps you integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into your business operations and strategy.


Richard Collins FICRS - Co-founder of CSR Accreditation said:

"A huge Monday congratulations to AD Construction Group for achieving a very impressive Gold CSR Accreditation. AD say that to achieve true sustainability, we need to balance economic, social, and environmental sustainability factors in equal harmony. As well as improving sustainability, AD are concerned about the wider social and economic impacts their operations have on the world. As such, they are focusing on achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Four Pillars of CSR include all 17 of the SDG’s. AD is committed to Sustainability and the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and ensure that we not only deliver excellent value and high-quality works for our public sector partners, but also include wider added value benefits in our contractual delivery, such as providing apprenticeships, training opportunities, local employment, supply chain engagement, sponsorship, charitable giving, community engagement and investment. Join AD Construction and become CSR Accredited."


The application process requires a record of activity against the Social Responsibility ‘Four Pillars’ of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy. Each Social Responsibility Pillar is designed to allow companies to report impact on areas such as energy performance, recycling, staff engagement, health and well-being, community engagement and support for local and national charities.


ESG Compliant